14 Watermelon recipes to cool down with

Growing up in Florida I had to learn to tolerate beyond hot and humid weather. One of the ways that I was able to handle being hot almost all of the time was by enjoying cool treats, and I think that it pretty much goes without saying when I say refreshing and Summer Im sure that watermelon comes to mind. Not to mention that watermelon is even better when paired up and enjoyed as a drink or popsicle, or heck any of the delicious recipes below.


watermelon-blackberry-and-mint-salad     watermelon-yogurt-pops     watermelon-pico-de-gallo      watermelon-lemonade     watermelon-jelly       watermelon-and-kiwi-pops     strawberry-watermelon-smoothie      watermelon-feta-mint-skewers

Watermelon and kiwi pops // Watermelon, blackberry and mint salad // Watermelon feta mint skewers //Watermelon pico de gallo // Watermelon lemonade // Watermelon jelly // Strawberry watermelon smoothie //Watermelon yogurt pops


watermelon-chips    watermelon-slushie    watermelon-ice     watermelon-lime-popsicles   watermelon-heart-fruit-salad


Watermelon slushie // Watermelon ice // Watermelon lime popsicles // Watermelon chips // Watermelon pie //Watermelon heart fruit salad

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